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What should I wear?

For the ceremony and reception, please come dressed in cocktail attire with your best dancing shoes! Saratoga (as well as surrounding areas) has amazing weather year round but August is the nicest month of the bunch. We will be in a well-shaded redwood grove, so it should be very comfortable when guests arrive and might be chilly later in the evening.

What's the best airport to fly into?

The closest major airport is San Jose, CA (Airport code: SJC), which is a 20 minute drive away from the wedding venue and hotels.

San Francisco Airport (Airport code: SFO) is another great option with much better non-stop service from the midwest. It is a roughly 40 minute drive away from the wedding venue and hotels.

How far away is San Francisco from the wedding?

San Francisco is a roughly 1 hour drive from the wedding and hotels as well as a ~1-1.5 hour train ride from a nearby train station on the Caltrain. While we do not recommend finding lodging in San Francisco, it is where we call home so we highly recommend seeing some of the city if you have some time. Let us know if you need any recommendations about what to see and where to eat!

Where should I stay?

We have rooms reserved at the Juniper Hotel in Cupertino. There are also numerous Airbnb options in Cupertino that would be great for a family to share.

How should I get around?

Saratoga and the surrounding areas are very suburban with very few public transit options, but as the home of Uber and Lyft, you should not have any problems getting around using ride sharing. It may end up being more cost effective to rent a car - parking will be plentiful everywhere outside of San Francisco.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Nope! The venue has plenty of parking available for the ceremony and reception. Peter and Abby ask that if you plan on drinking, please use Uber or Lyft to get to and from the venue. You may also leave your car at the venue overnight as long as you pick it up before 9am the next day.

Can I bring a child or guest?

We are expecting to have a full venue, so please ask Peter and Abby (see email above) if there are any guests in addition to those specified on your invitation that you would like to attend.

What about gifts?

Great question! If you so desire, we have set up two registries for gift ideas (see registry page here for details). Peter and Abby currently live a cramped city life with very little storage space, so the registries contain relatively few tangible items that are either things that we need or upgrades for things we already have. We tailor our budgets around experiences rather than things, and we would prefer our gifts to follow that.

I'm in! How do I RSVP?

We are super excited that you decided to come celebrate our marriage! You can RSVP on this page:
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